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Mountain View Oral Surgery

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Pre-Anesthesia Instructions for Patients


Eating or Drinking:

For general anesthesia it is extremely important that patients have an empty stomach.  For this reason, patients are not to have anything to eat or drink for eight (8) hours before their scheduled appointment, this includes no water.    


Change in Health: 

The doctor should be aware of all prescription medications the patient is currently taking.  They should be taken as scheduled unless previously indicated by the doctor.  If you have to take medication within the 8 hours prior to surgery please do so with a small sip of water. If there is any change in your health please let us know, as this may affect your ability to have surgery.


A short sleeved shirt is necessary and you should bring a sweater with you.  It is also advised that you wear comfortable pants and shoes, do not wear shoes with a heel.  Do not wear makeup, false eyelashes, earrings or any jewelry including watches. Contact lenses must be removed; if you have glasses you may bring those instead.  Please leave all valuables at home.


Designated Driver:

A responsible adult must accompany the patient to and from the office, please only bring one parent/guardian to the appointment.  Please note, only the patient is allowed in the surgery room, no exceptions! Do not plan to drive or operate any equipment for twenty-four hours after the anesthesia.  Do not take a taxi or bus home.  Arrange to have a responsible adult spend the rest of the day with you. If you are a minor your driver must be an adult able to make decisions on your behalf. Your appointment will only last one hour and your ride MUST be here on time to take you home immediately after the surgery. If your ride cannot be here on time make other arrangements. 



Prior to your appointment, Mountain View Oral Surgery will contact you one day prior to review these preoperative instructions and to answer any questions.  If you would like to discuss your appointment, please do so before your scheduled time for anesthesia.       


*** Cancellations not made within the designated time frame are subject to the full anesthesia fee.     

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